• The“ Ion Chiricuta” Cancer Institute -Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu Cluj Napoca
  • The Institute of Public Health “Iuliu Moldovan„ Cluj-Napoca  

Implementing mini invasive therapy in colorectal cancer improving diagnosis and prognosis correlated to the plasmatic level of angiogenesis molecules in relation to VEGF. CELIOMARK

From the informational website about a research project  CELIOMARK.

General and specific objectives, estimated results:

Measurable aims:

  • a study of early diagnosis of colorectal cancer
  • evaluating risk factors, associated pathologies with high risk of developing colorectal cancer
  • introducing new methods of diagnosis that will increase sensitivity in detecting the disease and the prognosis – angiogenesis markers in the attempt to establish a proper treatement
  • to determine the level of angiogenic markers and VEGF in the resected tumours and establishing a relationship with their plasmatic levels with the purpose of including the results of the research in the colorectal cancer treatement strategy (monoclonal antibodies)
  • to evaluate the correlation between the level of angiogenic markers, VEGF and the surgical technique (open vs. mini invasive)
  • staging by intraoperative liver ultrasound
  • the use of various therapy methods in relation to the stage of the disease
  • monitoring the patients
  • to evaluate the complications of colorectal cancer (haemorrhage, perforation, occlusion)
  • to increase the number of case diagnosed in early stages
  • to evaluate treatement costs
  • to evaluate the opportunity of screening by increasing the compliance of the population concerning the disease
  • creating a unique database
  • processing the data
  • presenting the results in journals, medical convention
  • developing teaching and training programs.

The project includes 3 activities regarding colorectal cancer: screening, molecular evaluation of genes involved in tumour angiogenesis and mini invasive surgical treatment, the consequent data processing being accomplished by systems involving artificial intelligence, systems with higer objectivity and prediction capacity.

Expected results:

  • an increased number of newly diagnosed colorectal cancer cases
  • an improved life quality for patients with colorectal cancer
  • the development of early diagnosis and treatment strategies in colorectal cancer
  • a decrease in hospitalisation costs
  • to present results at national medical conventions thus promoting new information
  • training specialists in the field
  • to inspire postgraduate and PhD studies in this field

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